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Heatherceej: ok...we need 2 talk
yensidtlaw1969: k
Heatherceej: i think i like u
Heatherceej: r u there?
Heatherceej: hello?
Heatherceej: brandon r u there?
Heatherceej: r u freaked out?
Heatherceej: stop ignoring me
Heatherceej: that'
Heatherceej: s not cool
Heatherceej: that's what i get for liking u i guess
Heatherceej: you ignore me
Heatherceej: u know what?
Heatherceej: 4get it
Heatherceej: if ur gunna ignore me
Heatherceej: im not gunna like a guy like that
Heatherceej: bye
Heatherceej: i was kidding about the whole thing
Heatherceej: nora's here and we were bored so we decided 2 do that
Heatherceej: lol
yensidtlaw1969: lol
yensidtlaw1969: sorry, a wasn't at the comp
yensidtlaw1969: my dad needed me to help with something he's doing to the TV
yensidtlaw1969: I give it 7 minutes until it breaks again
Heatherceej: so...whats ur response?
Heatherceej: kk
Heatherceej: lol
yensidtlaw1969: response to what?
yensidtlaw1969: I didn't get to read anything yet
Heatherceej: well read it then
yensidtlaw1969: k
yensidtlaw1969: well, were u joking or did u mean it?
yensidtlaw1969: I knew Nora was their from her Away message
Heatherceej: if i sed i meant it...wut would u sey?
yensidtlaw1969: I don't know
yensidtlaw1969: it's kinda sudden
Heatherceej: well...u no me already...i mean were friends rite?
yensidtlaw1969: I odn't even know if I'm ready for anything like that
Heatherceej: wut would u sey?
yensidtlaw1969: yeah, were friends
yensidtlaw1969: ofcourse
Heatherceej: so wut would u sey?
yensidtlaw1969: I odn't even know if I'm ready for anything like that. Sorry if it sounds like a cheesy cartoon way of saying it, but, I dunno
Heatherceej: well...wut would u sey...if u were?
yensidtlaw1969: I dunno
yensidtlaw1969: because I'm not
Heatherceej: just pretend 4 a second that u were
yensidtlaw1969: I can't
Heatherceej: this is hypothetical
Heatherceej: YES U CAN!!!
yensidtlaw1969: thats not something you can just pretend
Heatherceej: UR AN ACTOR
yensidtlaw1969: Suddenly seymour . . .
Heatherceej: if its hypothetical..
Heatherceej: ...yes u can
yensidtlaw1969: thats what the "YES U CAN!" REMINDED ME OF
Heatherceej: o
Heatherceej: w/e
yensidtlaw1969: hey, actors read other people's lines
yensidtlaw1969: they don't make them up
Heatherceej: then write some down
Heatherceej: its improv!!!!!
yensidtlaw1969: lol
Heatherceej: GOD!!!!
Heatherceej: just answer!
Heatherceej: please...ur makin me sad...
yensidtlaw1969: I'm not very good at Improv
Heatherceej: get good
Heatherceej: now
yensidtlaw1969: yes, cause that'll work . . .
Heatherceej: ull never become and actor if u cant do improv
Heatherceej: consider this practice
yensidtlaw1969: I don't plan to become an actor
yensidtlaw1969: it's just for fun really
Heatherceej: WELL JUST PRETEND U DO!!!
yensidtlaw1969: I want to be an Imagineer
Heatherceej: fine
Heatherceej: well be an imagineer that occasionally acts
Heatherceej: with improv
Heatherceej: now
yensidtlaw1969: ok
Heatherceej: ...
Heatherceej: :-\
Heatherceej: :-*
Heatherceej: smiley
Heatherceej: nvm that last smiley
Heatherceej: sis did that sry
Heatherceej: so answer
Heatherceej: stop ignoring me brandon christopher hardy
yensidtlaw1969: (In spanish soap opera type voice) "Maria, I did not know that it was your evil twin brother, I thought it was your evil twin sister. I mean, Maria, we have alot in common, but it was not meant to be . . ."
yensidtlaw1969: thats the spanish soap opera version
yensidtlaw1969: of whatever
Heatherceej: so u'd sey no...?
yensidtlaw1969: I don't know if that's how I'd feel
Heatherceej: then write how ud feel
yensidtlaw1969: I don't know how i'd feel
yensidtlaw1969: thats the point
Heatherceej: w/e
Heatherceej: so u dont like me...thats okay...i guess
Heatherceej: :-\
yensidtlaw1969: hey, you're great, but I'm not ready
yensidtlaw1969: (get ready for the cheesiest line in history)
Heatherceej: well am I ur type?
yensidtlaw1969: It's not you, it's me
yensidtlaw1969: I don't know what my type is
yensidtlaw1969: or if I even have one
Heatherceej: no its not...even if u were ready u wouldent like me...
Heatherceej: even nora knows her type
Heatherceej: and shes weird
yensidtlaw1969: yes, she is
yensidtlaw1969: I dunno
yensidtlaw1969: nora's not a guy
yensidtlaw1969: she doesn't know how a guys mind works
Heatherceej: i happen to no for a fact that...well nvm
Heatherceej: we're talking to shane right now
Heatherceej: and he knows his type
yensidtlaw1969: for a fact that . . .
Heatherceej: it was a joke
Heatherceej: 4get it
yensidtlaw1969: but maybe he's ready
Heatherceej: shane's type is blonde(ish) possibly light brown, shorter than him, original. etc.
Heatherceej: he's not ready either
Heatherceej: trust me
yensidtlaw1969: but I don't care about physical features
Heatherceej: wut do u like?
yensidtlaw1969: I care about a persons mind, and since no 2 minds are alike I guess it's pretty Impossible to have a type. I don't know if I know you well enough yet
yensidtlaw1969: I didn't even know u had siblings til like a month ago
Heatherceej: well u no me well now...
yensidtlaw1969: who says?
Heatherceej: i do
yensidtlaw1969: that doesn't mean I do, heather
yensidtlaw1969: you're not being fair
Heatherceej: if u did no me well i ur type...or do u go for more like noras type...or kates...or ali's even?
Heatherceej: just pick one of those people
yensidtlaw1969: I just said, I don't think I have a type
yensidtlaw1969: you see, you can't do that
Heatherceej: well if u had 2 go out with one of those ppl who would it b
Heatherceej: based on personality
yensidtlaw1969: maybe the person I'd care about is in there
Heatherceej: h/o nora's going home
yensidtlaw1969: Bye, Nora!

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